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The website is used to store business data.


Data is stored without a company name and without an email address. Access to data is password protected. 


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app /



An app is used to get the data on a IOS device, like an iPhone or an iPad.


Information is password protected and it’s always anonymous.

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Use an existing account or create a new account.


You can create as many accounts as you like.


Choose your own name. It can be any number, code or name as long as it doesn’t exist. So nobody will know it’s your data.  We guarantee that your information is not visible for others.


The passwords for the backoffice and the smartphone or tablet can be different to prevent updates by unauthorized persons.


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new chart

Select the type of chart you like to create.





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data entry

The type of chart determines the data you have to enter.


Always enter a title for a chart.


The value(s) and labels are the content of the chart.


In some of the charts you can change the minimum and maximum value of the y-axis. This can be used in case you to zoom to the top of a graph.

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edit / push

You can update your data as many times as you like. 


Press the Push button to send sound signals to the users in case you want to get there attention on important updates.  Choose the sound you like. It’s optional.


Data is anyhow refreshed as soon as somebody opens the app remotely.




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Download the app from the Apple Store. It’s for free!


Login with the user name and the password as provided by your office.


You can also use the login page, to change to another data set. Press the “Settings” button below the screen.

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select chart

The first chart appears after pressing the “charts button” below or after re-opening the app.


Change charts by pressing the “Charts” button in the right upper corner.


Select the chart you like and press “Pick in the right upper corner.


The chart follows your general language setting in your smart phone  or tablet.



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Some samples are shown here.


Please go ahead and improve your business. It will work because everyone involved will be much more aware of the necessity to deliver each day an outstanding performance.


Lots of succes!!



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The Netherlands

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